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The Fasting Food and Sendha Namak

Sendha Namak Blog
December 23, 2021

Sendha Namak, as popularly known as in India, is a version of rock salt that is unprocessed and one of the most natural form of salt available. Usually available in white and pink in colour, this type of salt is free of any kinds of pollutants as well as chemical compositions. Packed with beneficial...

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Haldi Powder and Sweet Treats

December 16, 2021

Turmeric is often referred to as our own super food of India that is found in almost every kitchen of Indian household all year round. With its beautiful bright yellow-orange colour, its presence in food is hard to miss and so is its flavour. Its strong fragrance and unique earthy essence due to ...

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Refreshing Raita Recipes with Cumin Seeds

December 13, 2021

A leafy plant that grows close to the ground known as Cuminum cyminum is popular all across the world for its fruit called cumin seeds. The herb grows in abundance in Mediterranean region, India, China and Middle East and has been extensively used by Indians, Greeks and Romans since ancient times. I...

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Dal Recipes Three Ways with Hing Powder

December 1, 2021

Strong and not so pleasant aroma and extremely pungent taste is a perfect way to define asafoetida or hing. First introduced in India back in 16th century, asafoetida is obtained from a specific variety of fennel plant in form of gum. Highly prized for its unique flavours and digestive properties, h...

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Three Delish Curries and Garam Masala

November 30, 2021

On daily basis we use various combinations of spices to infuse distinct flavour base to our vegetables, curries, and dals. Over the years, Indian kitchen has seen many transformations when it comes to these everyday spice blends. However, one spice blend that has been elevating the essence of our me...

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Sambar Recipes – Two Popular Ways

November 24, 2021

Some foods are comfort food as they exude cosiness and feeling of comfort. Sambar is one such spicy and tangy stew prepared with pigeon pea lentil and tamarind that is comfort food at its best. Simple and delicious, a steaming bowl of this classic dish is loved not just in southern India but also ac...

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Easy One-Pot Recipes and Sabji Masala

November 18, 2021

Cooking three meals a day, every single day of a weak can be a tiresome affair. In addition, ordering food from outside in comparison to home cooked food is not just expensive but also lacks the warmth, simplicity and nutritional value. Here come the magic spice blends that give your dish a punch of...

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Winter Recipes with Posta Dana

November 13, 2021

An oilseeds of poppy flower, posta dana or khus khus or simply poppy seeds are small kidney shaped seeds with high nutritional value. Packed with dietary fibres, omega-6 fatty acid and vitamins, the seeds are a common ingredient for Ayurvedic medicinal preparation. However, with its nutty and earthy...

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Cumin Seeds Chuteny Three Ways

November 11, 2021

A spice that is as quintessential in its existence as the spices itself, Jeera or cumin seeds have been in use as a popular culinary ingredient since ages. Its unique taste is unmistakable on palate and offers an additional punch to food. The savoury pungency of jeera has enhanced flavours for cuisi...

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Mouth-watering Mutton Appetizers Recipes

November 2, 2021

A bowl of deliciously cooked mutton curry, be it from Hyderabad or Punjab, Rajasthan or Bengal, it is hard to resist its blissful aroma and mouth-watering flavours. The combination of perfect blend of spices and delicately cooked meat is a sheer culinary art. It is all about right balance of flavour...

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