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Winter Recipes with Posta Dana

November 13, 2021

An oilseeds of poppy flower, posta dana or khus khus or simply poppy seeds are small kidney shaped seeds with high nutritional value. Packed with dietary fibres, omega-6 fatty acid and vitamins, the seeds are a common ingredient for Ayurvedic medicinal preparation. However, with its nutty and earthy...

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Cumin Seeds Chuteny Three Ways

November 11, 2021

A spice that is as quintessential in its existence as the spices itself, Jeera or cumin seeds have been in use as a popular culinary ingredient since ages. Its unique taste is unmistakable on palate and offers an additional punch to food. The savoury pungency of jeera has enhanced flavours for cuisi...

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Mouth-watering Mutton Appetizers Recipes

November 2, 2021

A bowl of deliciously cooked mutton curry, be it from Hyderabad or Punjab, Rajasthan or Bengal, it is hard to resist its blissful aroma and mouth-watering flavours. The combination of perfect blend of spices and delicately cooked meat is a sheer culinary art. It is all about right balance of flavour...

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Fusion Recipes with a Twist of Garam Masala

November 1, 2021

Since ages, spices are used all across the globe in gastronomic world to offer food a distinct pool of flavours. With years of experience and experiments, spices and herbs are mixed to create certain combinations that are used for specific delicacies whereas some blends are used more liberally acros...

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Cooking with Turmeric Powder in Three Ways: Sweet, Savoury and Beverage

October 19, 2021

Turmeric Powder, one of the most popular herbs in India, is better known more for its beautiful golden colour than its slightly bitter taste. With plethora of health benefits, the spice is a rich source of antioxidants and with anti-inflammatory property; its active compound curcumin is packed with ...

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Scrumptious Recipes that Pairs Perfectly with Mix Pickle

October 14, 2021

A dollop of pickle on a freshly made parathas with homemade curd is not just mouth-watering breakfast option in north India but also one of the most popular one as well. It is an unforgettable part of many of our childhood and continues to tickle our taste buds with its enticing flavours. However, p...

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Savoury and Zesty Indian Chicken Recipes

October 8, 2021

From being a part of royal kitchens to being a comfort food and a must-have on menu of Indian restaurants, a chicken dish, especially prepared in Indian style has become popular worldwide. From chicken curry to chicken tikka masala or butter chicken, each version of the protein has catered to variou...

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Subtle Flavours and Delicious Recipes with Flavorous Sabji Masala

October 5, 2021

India, with largest population of vegetarians in the world offers a large variety of vegetarian dishes that involves lots of vegetables, pulses and grains. Despite the original flavours of vegetables itself, they taste bland when cooked into a preparation. To provide delectable flavours to such deli...

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Healthy Gut with Scrumptious Posta Dana Recipes

September 27, 2021

Poppy Plant, with its plethora of qualities has been a part of traditional remedies around the globe. Originally, from Eastern Mediterranean region, the plant produces flowers that offer small seeds known as poppy seeds. They are small, round and black, light or dark grey and sometimes bluish in ...

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The Authentic Recipe and Flavours of Sambar

September 22, 2021

Tangy, spicy and aromatic is a perfect description of a staple lentil based stew with vegetables from Southern India, whose aroma alone is enough to make one’s mouth water. Sambar or Sambhar is not just fragrant but also an extremely flavoursome stew with perfect balance of flavours. Prepared w...

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