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What are the Key Ingredients of Sambar Masala?

March 8, 2022

A coarse textured spice blend, prepared by grinding an ideal proportion of a certain combination of spices, Sambar Masala is an aromatic powder used to prepare delish lentil stew known as Sambar. Packed with flavours and benefits of various spices, the blend transforms an ordinary lentil stew into wholesome and delectable dish served along rice, dosa, appam, idli, vada etc. Apart from imparting scrumptious flavours to sambar, Sambar Masala is also added to other lentils, dry vegetables, gravy based curries or even flavoured rice to infuse the same aroma and tanginess of sambar.

This spice mix has uncountable recipes that vary with every household and region, some kept secret while others passed down through generations. From different ingredients to varying proportions, each blend offers distinct taste. Cee Pee Spices brings the best Sambar Masala with freshest of spices, blend to perfection. Its delightful flavour and fragrant is enough to bring depth of flavours in your delicacy and make your mouth water. With just right proportion of each spice, this multi-purpose Sambar Masala is known for its delectable and aromatic flavours.

Key Ingredients

Each spice blend in Indian cuisine has many versions of recipes, however, there are certain ingredients that remain the same and combine various notes of aromas together to offer a rich note of flavour so delish and mind-blowing. Sambar Masala or Samabr Podi is no different, prepared with fragrant Indian spices imparting their flavours, aromas and health benefits to the blend. Here is a list of commonly used ingredients in Sambar Masala.

  • Coriander Seeds for citrusy notes
  • Cumin seeds for earthiness
  • Fenugreek Seeds for warmth
  • Black Peppercorns for warmth
  • Dry Red Chilli for zing
  • Turmeric Powder for bright golden colour
  • Cinnamon for sweet under notes
  • Curry Leaves
  • Mustard Seeds
  • Urad Dal
  • Chana Dal

How to Store Sambar Powder

Storing the sambar masala or any other spice blend is as important as selecting the right mix. It requires certain steps to be followed to maintain the flavours and aroma of the blend.

  • Always, store the sambar masala in a dry and cool place in a clean airtight container.
  • Make use of a dry spoon to take out the spice mix from the jar or container.
  • Never use a wet spoon as moisture or water in any form will deteriorate the spices and may give rise to fungus or mold.
  • After using the sambar masala, make sure to close the jar properly with its lid.
  • Remember to store the sambar masala in cool and dry place. However, if weather condition is hot and humid, store the blend in a refrigerator.

How to Use Sambar Powder

Getting the flavours of sambar right is an art of gastronomy. Soulful aroma and flavours of sambar with variety of snacks and main course is a perfect idea for any evening. A perfect blend of sambar masala is enough to prepare a beautiful stew. However, Sambar Masala is not only limited to delish sambar but can also be used to perk up the flavours of other delicacies. Add a spoonful to sautéed vegetables, stir fried veggies, curry dish or even to rice dish, it is enough to infuse depth of flavours.

Sambar Masala from Cee Pee Spices offers the authentic flavour to your sambar, prepared with handpicked spices of finest quality. Now buy sambar masala online at reasonable price from your favourite online platforms including Amazon, BigBasket, Grofers ets.



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