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Easy & Healthy Food Recipes

Garam Masala: The Magic Spice for a Mouth-watering Mix Veg Curry

This mix vegetable curry is a hearty and flavourful dish that you can make with any seasonal vegetables you have on hand. It is inspired by the dhaba-style curries that are popular in roadside eateries across India. The secret to this curry is the cee pee garam masala, a blend of aromatic spices that adds a warm and rich taste to any dish. Cee pee garam masala is made with high-quality ingredients and is free from artificial colours and preservatives. You can use it to enhance the flavour of any Indian or international cuisine. Ingredients 2 tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon […]

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How to Make Restaurant Style Paneer Lababdar with a Homemade Spice

Paneer lababdar is a rich and creamy dish of soft cottage cheese cubes in a tomato-based gravy. It is a popular dish in North Indian cuisine and can be enjoyed with roti, naan, paratha or rice. The secret to making this dish delicious is using cee pee spices, which are made from the finest quality ingredients and blended with care. Ingredients 250 grams paneer (cottage cheese), cut into cubes), 2 tablespoons oil ), 1 teaspoon cumin seeds ), 1 bay leaf ), 2 green cardamoms ), 3 cloves ), 1 inch cinnamon stick ), 1 onion, finely chopped ), 1 […]

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Delhi Style Chole Masala Recipe – A Spicy and Tangy Chickpea Curry

Chole Masala is a delicious and spicy curry made with chickpeas, onions, tomatoes and a special blend of spices. It is a popular street food in Delhi and a favourite among many Indians. In this recipe, We will show you how to make authentic Delhi style Chole Masala with Cee Pee Spices. Our Chole Masala is a perfect mix of spices that gives a rich and flavourful taste to the chickpeas. You can serve this Chole Masala with bhatura, poori, naan, rice or any bread of your choice. It is a vegan and gluten-free dish that is easy to make […]

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How to Make Bharva Bhindi with Sabji Masala: A Step by Step Guide

Bharva Bhindi (Ladyfinger) is a popular dish in North Indian cuisine, where fresh ladyfinger pods are slit and stuffed with a spicy mixture of spices, onion, and coconut. The stuffed ladyfinger is then cooked in a tangy tomato gravy, flavoured with cee pee sabji masala. This dish is a perfect accompaniment to roti, paratha, or rice, and can be enjoyed as a main course or a side dish. To make bharva bhindi with sabji masala, you will need the following ingredients: 250 grams of ladyfinger (bhindi), washed and dried 2 tablespoons of oil A pinch of asafoetida (hing) 1/4 teaspoon […]

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How to Make Creamy Methi Malai Matar with Cee Pee Spices

Methi matar is a delicious and creamy dish made with fresh fenugreek leaves, green peas, and a rich cashew-based gravy. It is a popular North Indian dish that goes well with roti, naan, or rice. Methi matar is also known as methi malai matar, which means fenugreek and cream peas. To make this dish, you will need some basic ingredients like onion, ginger, garlic, tomato, cashews, cream, and of course, cee pee spices. For this recipe, you will need cee pee kitchen king masala, which is a versatile blend of 15 spices that adds a royal touch to any curry. […]

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