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Which is the best chicken masala available in India?

April 1, 2022

Delish and rich in protein, Chicken is a lean meat that is low in fat and when prepared with care, is absolutely lip smacking. Moreover, when cooked with desi flavours and spices, it is difficult to beat in terms of taste and flavours. However, what makes Indian chicken delicacies scrumptious is the unique combination of spices.

Each spice has a unique flavour and aroma of its own. Therefore, when these spices are combined together in certain proportion, they offer a burst of flavours and unique essence to savour in a specific dish. In order to prepare this masala powder or blend of spices, the ingredients spices are lightly roasted in a pan without any ghee or oil. Once they begin to release their oils, they are allowed to cool down. The spices are then ground to a specific consistency perfect for the delicacy.
When each spice is of premium quality and procured fresh from farms, the delightful zest it offers in a meal is unparalleled. Ceepee Spices offers best chicken masala online for an authentic ride of flavours. Packed with goodness of spices, the blend brings richness in any kind of chicken dish. Prepared hygienically with no added preservatives and artificial flavour, one can buy chicken masala and other wide range of spices by Cee Pee at many online portals including BigBasket, Grofers and Amazon etc.

Key Ingredients of Chicken Masala

A delicious gravy and dunked chicken pieces with flavours thoroughly absorbed or chicken tikka with zesty and zingy marinade with a squeeze of lemon and onions is to die for. A good and balanced spice blend is important to have such power packed delicacies to make your taste buds dance. Below is a list of spices that are commonly used in certain proportion to prepare a perfect chicken masala powder .

How to Use Chicken Masala

A highly versatile masala powder, Chicken Masala by Cee Pee can be used with any chicken dish ranging from delish tikkas and gravy delicacies to kebabs, butter chicken and the spicy Chicken 65. The list is way too long to specify all types and names.
The chicken masala powder is used in various ways in form of marinade, dry powder rub, as a masala blend to flavour gravies or as a coating before frying the chicken. Add to to your daall or dry veggies for a delicious twist of taste.

Culinary uses of Chicken Powder

Indian cuisine is known across the globe for its rich flavours and its love affair with spices. When it comes to non-vegetarian delicacies, nothing is more loved than a delish chicken dish, be it any occasion or celebration. Needless to say, a certain chicken dish has world licking their fingers with its creamy texture and a classic fusion of spices. Yes, we are talking about Butter Chicken. However, there are many more such chicken dishes that are, if not equally, mind-blowing.
Below is a list of chicken delicacies that are a must for the protein lovers not just in India but also around the world.

  • Butter Chicken
  • Tangdi kebab
  • Chicken 65
  • Chicken Tikka
  • Mughlai Chicken
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Chicken Chettinad
  • Chicken Farcha
  • Sali Murgh
  • Parsi Chicken Bafat
  • Chicken Vindaloo

How to Store Chicken Masala

  • Chicken Masala Powder like all other blends should be stored in cool and dark place so as not to lose its oils too fast.
  • Airtight container is a best way to ensure that it retains its flavour as well as aroma.
  • It is recommended to buy small batches of chicken masala at a time for flavour packed delicacies.
  • A fragrant spice blend without which any chicken dish is incomplete, Chicken Masala is a must have in pantry if you are a diehard meat lover. With Ceepee’s Chicken Masala, it is easy to prepare any dish from tandoori chicken to butter chicken and tikkas with a punch of flavours. Available at economical price, it is a perfect solution for all kinds of chicken dishes.



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