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What is the importance of Sendha Namak?

May 2, 2022

Some ingredients in our meal have no replacement. Salt is one such soul ingredient that infuses a special flavour in food and bring out its real essence. In simple language, salt is one of the essential elements in preparing food to make it taste better. It often contains minerals and trace elements that are good for your health. When it comes to selecting the right salt, Sendha Namak or Rock Salt is unquestionable choice. Even though, finely powdered salt or table salt is the widely used salt in most households, sendha namak is its pure form.

Referred by many local names in various parts of India, it is often regarded as a superior salt according to Ayurveda. Also known as Saindhava Lavana, Sindhlum and many other names in various languages, it is highly valued for its various health benefits, especially when it is replaced for common salt in daily diet. Packed with abundant health benefits and nutritional value, it also often referred to as rock salt, halite and so on.

How Rock Salt is Prepared?

Rock salt is pure form of salt that is found in high concentration in the Himalayan Region. Unlike common salt or table salt, it is not refined or in crystalline form. Although, the addition of chemicals during refining process of salt prevents salt from getting soggy can be harmful in long run, rock salt however, can be consumed without any side effects.

Health Benefits of Sendha Namak

Crystalline and mostly white in colour, sendha namak is formed when salt water from lake and sea evaporates and leaves behind colourful crystals of sodium chloride. It occur in many varying colours including red, light blue, purple, orange or gray but Himalayan pink salt is considered to be one of the best known types of sendha namak. According to the studies, about 84 essential elements out of 92 are traced in sendha namak required for body growth including iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, sodium etc.

Packed with many other micronutrients, they work together and perform various body functions to us strong and healthy. Backed by evidence, here are some of the uses and health benefits of Sendha Namak.

May Provide Trace Minerals

Sendha namak being the purest form of salt contains many trace minerals our body requires for growth. Apart from providing sodium, that is one part of the crystal, it also offers chloride compound it contains. Markedly, sendha namak contains trace levels of various minerals such as nickel, cobalt, zinc, iron, copper, manganese etc. These minerals are responsible for the various colours of sendha namak that exists. However, the quantity of these compounds are very small, thus one should not rely on sendha namak as the nutrient’s primary source.

May Stabilise Blood Pressure

With high percentage of potassium, rock salt or sendha namak may help in maintaining a balance of blood pressure.

Aid Digestion

In traditional Indian medical system Ayurveda, sendha namak is part of many remedies for digestive ailments such as heartburn, constipation, vomiting, stomach worms, bloating and stomachache. With plenty of minerals, it may help in promoting bowel movements, improvise digestion, and remove toxic products from intestine. However, research may be incomplete regarding certain uses.

Improve Muscle Cramp

One of the main reasons that are associated with muscle cramps is imbalance of salt and electrolytes. Electrolytes are necessary minerals that help in proper functioning of nerves and muscles. Specifically, imbalance of potassium is believed to be the reason behind muscle cramps. Rock salt or sendha namak contains sodium chloride and other electrolytes in pure form that my help in relieving muscle pains and cramps. However, more studies are required to prove the fact completely.

Treat Sore Throat

Saltwater gargling is a most common home remedy to treat sore throat. The decongestant properties of sendha namak may help in alleviating blocked nose, clearing throat and nasal cavity, cough and other oral ailments. Using rock salt in saltwater solution is also helpful as a remedy for tonsillitis asthma, boosting lung capacity and as a preventive measure for upper respiratory infections.

Enhance Skin Health

According to Aryurvedic literature, sendha namak is helpful in cleansing, strengthening and rejuvenating our skin. It helps in preventing oiliness, reduces acne, gets rid of clogged dirt and provides gleaming skin. It may also aid in reducing the symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, and gives smooth and soft skin. Once again, evidence is lacking for certain claims, but research proposes that electrolytes and fluids may treat specific type of dermatitis.

Sendha namak or Rock salt has long been in use in India and Ayurveda for treating various ailments from sore throat, coughs, cold to boosting skin health and ailing stomach conditions. It serves as a nourishing flavouring agent for cooking as well as for treating a host of ailments. Cee Pee Spices present the best sendha namak at economical price. Along with a wide range of spices and blends, one can buy sendha namak online at many online platforms including Amamzon, Grofers, BigBasket etc.



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