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The Narrative Of Vermicelli From Sweet To Savoury

May 12, 2021

Served as perfect breakfast, delicious lunch and a simple snack dinner, Vermicelli is one such versatile dish, which is loved all across India. Easy to make, it is similar to noodles in form but much thinner. With not much flavour of its own, Vermicelli readily absorbs the flavour of whatever ingredients it is cooked with. Due to their lack of flavour, you can add these small noodles to any dish to give a touch of exoticism. However, in India vermicelli is not only eaten as a savoury delicacy but also as a sweet treat. Cooked in milk and in water, this sweet version of vermicelli is most commonly prepared on the festivals of Diwali and Eid.

Eaten with great relish, slurp the various version of this delectable snack, gulp it, or even twirl them on the fork, and take a plunge with me into the narrative of one of the India’s favourite snack, Vermicelli.

What is Vermicelli?

Vermicelli is a traditional type of pasta, which is similar to Spaghetti. However, it does not have any universal size or texture as it differs from country to country. In English speaking regions, it is thinner while typically thicker than spaghetti in Italy. Asian countries have their own versions of Vermicelli. It is available as long strands or as small pieces of about 2 cm in length in India subcontinent. In India, the term refers to fine, hard, and thin noodles, pale beige in colour with a length of about 1-2 centimetres each.

Made from Semolina or durum wheat, vermicelli in India is known by various local names: sev in Gujarati, semiya in Malayalam and Tamil, shavige in Kannada, shemai in Bengali, shevaya in Marathi and seviyan in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. One can easily buy Vermicelli packets online or from retail stores to enjoy the delish snack.

Culinary Art of Vermicelli

Gastronomically, Vermicelli delivers delightfulness at both sweet and savoury note. From healthy breakfast to delectable evening snack, Vermicelli offers sweet moments to cherish at special occasions and festivals be it Diwali or Eid. Super delicious and easy to make, the broken noodles are versatile enough to offer a variety of flavours through an assortment of dishes. Find out the amazing delicacies you can enjoy with vermicelli.

The Narrative Of Vermicelli From Sweet To Savoury

Vegetable Semiya Upma: It is a simple breakfast recipe prepared with roasted vermicelli. A proper traditional South Indian recipe made in many households, Vegetable Semiya Upma makes for perfect breakfast when eaten with chutneys. Addition of tempered mustard seeds, urad dal and curry leaves bring out the best of the dish in terms of flavours and aroma.

Thayir Semiya: It is a simple and quick dish ideal for breakfast, evening snack or even lunch. A more quirky version of curd rice, Thayir Semiya is not just delicious but also packed with health benefits.

Sevaiyan ki Kheer: With celebrations around the corner, there is no better way than to rejoice by indulging into the sweetness of Sevaiyan kheer. Prepared in milk base, with assortment of nuts, cardamom and sugar, this delicious kheer is mouth watering and easy to make.

Sev biranj: Sev Biranj is a festive recipe that adds to the celebrations with its sweet and spicy aroma and delectable flavours. Made by roasting vermicelli in ghee and then adding milk or water, sugar, cardamom and saffron, it garnished with nuts and raisins. Serve freshly off the stove for best flavours.

Sheer Khurma: Sheer Khurma is a rich vermicelli pudding made with milk and a must have during Eid. With each household has its own unique recipe, the dish is assorted with lots of nuts, dates and sugar. Eaten both cold and hot, one can have it as breakfast or cherish the sweet dessert after the meals.

How to Store Vermicelli

Vermicelli asks for a very low maintenance and it is quite easy to store. Following tips will help you with its quick storage.

  • Keep it stored in airtight container to maximise its shelf life.
  • It is good idea to place the container or even a sealed package in a cupboard at room temperature and dry place.
  • When properly stored, vermicelli may actually last for a year or even more without losing its basic essence or developing any funny flavours.

Health Benefits and Nutritional Value

Made out of Sooji or durum wheat, the Indian version of Vermicelli includes many health benefit and nutritional value apart from offering great flavours for your taste buds. Listed below are the various benefits of treating yourself to this brilliant food dish.

  • Fat-free and cholesterol free, Vermicelli is low in sodium content.
  • The short noodles are rich source of carbohydrates, essential for energy production in the body.
  • For those with wheat allergy, Vermicelli made with sooji is a great alternative and option.
  • For those who are nutritionally conscious, adding steamed vegetables to it offers a wholesome meal.
  • To make a further healthy meal out of vermicelli, prepare the delicacy in whey water.

Used in many part of India, Vermicelli is available in two versions, plain and roasted. Cee Pee offers premium quality vermicelli made from hundred percent pure sooji. One can buy Vermicelli roasted and plain online by Cee Pee for a toothsome bite into sweet and savoury ride with various version of this versatile dish.



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