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Bikaneri Papad A Crunchy Spicy Affair

May 5, 2021

Sometimes eaten before meal as starters, sometimes along food while others prefer at the end of the meal, papad or poppadom is a popular accompaniment in many cuisines in India. Originated in India, papad is a crispy circular snack that is quite versatile. Although, many regard papad as an appetizer, it is an important meal in some areas of the country. The term ‘popaddom’ derived from the Sanskrit word, ‘parpata’ meaning flattened disc, can be eaten plain or in various forms.

Papad has many versions in India ranging from Amritsari papad to ‘appalam’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘pappadam’ in Kerala and ‘appadam’ in Andhra Pradesh, however, Bikaneri papad are the ones we will take a bite into today.

Bikaneri Papad

Rajasthan is a huge state steeped with rich culture reflecting its traditions through its customs and food. Scarcity of water and green vegetables in the past reflects in the food habits of the people in the state. Food, which would last long without being spoilt, was preferred. Bikaneri papad is a result of this eating habit that gave a new crispy accompaniment to the food.

These popular Bikaneri Papad comes infused with right balance of spices and flour that makes every bite of meal delectable. Cee Pee brings the best Bikaneri papad made from quality ingredients and perfect spice blends with traditional recipe perfected since generations. Our papad are thin and crisp round-shaped prepared from pulses. Eat it plain or with your food or simply as a quick snack, these Bikaneri papad are just right to spice up your simple food.

Bikaneri Papad A Crunchy Spicy Affair

Art of Making Perfect Papad

While making good poppadom, it is significant to get smooth dough and thin texture, which is possible with mixing right proportions of various ingredients. Once dough is made, small balls are rolled into thin and round circular discs. Traditionally, these discs are put out to dry in the sun. The foundation recipe of the poppadom varies in different parts of the country.

In the earlier days, these crispy treats were traditionally handmade by women at home. The women of the household and sometime of the neighbouring households got together to knead, roll and sundry the dough to achieve the perfect poppadoms.

Main Ingredients of Bikaneri Papad

The delicious aroma when the papad is dry roasted directly over the stove not just tickle our taste buds but also our senses. The reason behind this scrumptious essence of papad lies in its ingredients which when combined in right ratio adds a delish crunch to our palate.

  • Moong Dal Flour
  • Urad Dal Flour
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Edible Oil
  • Asafoetida

Benefits of Eating Bikaneri Papad

Crispy papad is a food from our childhood that we have relished since ever with all kind of meals. Served with love, the Bikaneri poppadoms are not just crunchy snack but with come packed with certain health benefits that we never cared to know. We have listed some of the health benefits of eating papad.

  • Bikaneri papad are healthy snacks and digestive in nature as papad aids in enhancing the secretion of enzymes and juices essential for metabolism.
  • They are low on calorie, gluten-free, and rich in fibre and protein.
  • When eaten roasted or grilled, they help to absorb fatty material from mouth and throat when consumed at the end of the meal.
  • Moderate consumption of papad is healthy. Being high in sodium, it is not advisable for people with hypertension.

Eat Your Bikaneri Papad Right

There is no right or wrong way of eating poppadoms. You just eat it and enjoy it. One can enjoy this versatile snack in many forms. Dry roasting or grilling the papad brings out its beautiful flavours. Some people prefer fried version that offers a completely different set of flavours for your palate. Eat the appetizer plain or indulge in its range of adventurous and fusion versions. In addition, if you love Rajasthani cuisine enjoy your Bikaneri papad infused in it local dishes.

  • Masala Papad: Dry roast the papad and spread over it various condiments and chopped vegetables. Squeeze a few drops of lemon drops just before eating and enjoy the zingy masala papad.
  • Crunchy Salad: Dice your vegetables and fruits and chop your greens in a bowl. Add condiments, seasonings and spices and add to it broken pieces of papad to give a crunchy element to your delightful salad.
  • Rajasthani Papad ki Sabzi: It is a local dish from the state cooked in almost every household there. The dish is prepared with a palatable blend of tomato and yogurt gravy assorted with kasuri methi and hints of green chill and garlic. Add broken papad pieces into the gravy and eat it while hot and papad is slight crispy and soft.

Enjoy the crispiness of Bikeneri papad by Cee Pee, prepared with a recipe perfected to the authentic taste. Available in two versions, spicy and mild, you can buy Bikaneri Papad online for a crunchy touch to your meals.



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