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Indian Pickles And Tickling Taste Buds

April 27, 2021

Other than cricket, there is one common thread that reassuringly unites India with its exhilarating flavours. Pickle holds the secret of making a simple meal of dal roti and curd rice more appetizing, and makes way for some of our fondest memories while braving long train journeys.

Since our childhood, we have been eating pickles as side dish prepared with lots of love and care by our grandmothers and mother. Plenty of recipes have been passed on since generations holding secrets of tangy and spicy deliciousness that makes our mouth water even just thinking about it. While making our food more appetizing, making pickle is not just an art but also a tradition in almost every Indian household. The moment pickle jar is opened a euphoric feeling takes over our senses luring us with its fine aroma. Today, we are on an exciting ride into the past and present of pickles and Indian’s love for this preserved goodness.

Pickling History

Pickles have said to be around for thousands of years with their roots going back to Mesopotamia in around 2400 BCE. The archaeological evidence points out the existence of pickled cucumber in Iraq during 2030 BCE. Not to mention, it is also said to be the prized possession of Cleopatra’s beauty secret. Making its way in the Bible and Shakespeare’s writing, the process of pickling was a necessity for preserving food.

The term pickle is derived from Dutch word pekel or Northern German word pókel, meaning salt or brine. This makes sense since, this ancient process of pickling originated when food was preserved for long journeys and out-of-season use by salting and curing them in brines. Although, it is difficult to trace the exact origins of Indian pickle known as “achar”, at present a large variety of pickles are prepared in India with various combinations of spices that differ from region to region.

Indian Pickles And Tickling Taste Buds

Indian Pickles and the Making

If we go by definition, pickling is a process of preserving or extending the shelf life of food by either anaerobic fermentation in salt water or immersion in vinegar. However, when it comes to Indian pickles, the pickling medium is usually mustard oil in North India and sesame oil in South India while salt serves as basic preservative. Along with it goes in combination of various spices that infuses not just a potpourri of well-balanced flavours but also a range of health benefits. A task usually performed by the ladies of community together enjoying every bit of conversation, pickles are prepared in large quantity and of many varieties. The traditional methods of preparing pickle are time consuming but the efforts are worth every bit of trouble. Packing goodness of love and traditional favours inside a jar, Cee Pee presents best pickles for the love of your taste buds. One can buy pickles online by Cee Pee to reminisce memories of olden times.

Factually Pickle!!

A large quantity of pickle is prepared every year in India with each vegetable pickled in various ways. Here are some fun facts related to pickle in India and around the world.

  • On an average, each person in India consumes around 4 kg of pickle in a year.
  • America got its name from an Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci who was a pickle merchant.
  • The famous writer Shakespeare coined the phrase “in a pickle”, meaning, “Finding oneself in a difficult position” mentioned first in his work The Tempest.
  • America celebrates 14th November as National Pickle Day.

Indian’s Love for Pickles

Started with a way to preserve foods, today pickling, through the journey of years of gastronomic experimentation and balancing the flavours, has achieved the profile of creative art. It is not any different in India where pickles are eaten more like vegetables than just piquant sidekicks.
Summertime arrives, and it is not unusual to find cut vegetables laid out on terraces and balconies of houses, left to dry under the broiling heat of sun. The pickling season begins and jars full of spiced fruits and vegetables covered with muslin cloth are left to mature under sun. Depending upon the confection of spices and flavours infused in it, every region in India defines its own traditional pickles made from limes, lemons, chilli, radish, all time favourite mango, carrots, tamarind, tomato, cauliflower, even chicken and what not.

Next time when you are in mood for some scrumptiousness to make your routine food exciting, go for Mango Pickle, Green chilli and Mix pickle by Cee Pee. It represents the authentic flavours and a perfect fusion of Indian spices that can tickle your taste buds with every bite of your food.



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