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Saga Of Whole Spices And How To Use Them

April 16, 2021

Many years ago, people from far off lands like England, Spain, and Portugal travelled out to fascinating, exotic and perilous east. However, their voyage took them on a spicy adventure with discovery of flavours and aromas unknown to them. Spices became the new currency of the market and spice trade a perfect way to earn huge profits. These precious commodities travelled miles across the oceans to create bustling excitement in the world of culinary. Nevertheless, had they not known the fact that spices once properly dried can be stored for long time and still maintain their essence, spice trade would never exist. Today, we will take you on an aromatic journey of whole spices that will cast a flavourful spell on you and your dishes.

What are Whole Spices?

Since ancient times, spices have played a significant role in Indian cuisines. Most often available in form of dried seeds, leaves, roots and barks, the whole spices are full of aromatic oils and delectable flavours waiting to be extracted.

As compared to its ground version, whole spices have longer shelf life as they retain more oils over the time, thus maintaining the freshness and vibrant flavours. This is so because powdered spices have more surface area exposed to air, and thus losing their oils more swiftly.
With Cee Pee, you can buy whole spices that are pure and fresh and imparts deep flavour to your food. Which is why, even today, whole spices are chefs’ and home cooks’ favourite all around for bright and exciting essence in their food.

How to Store Whole Spices?

Storing spices in proper way is as important as to know how to use them. Since we already know that air exposure can reduce the quality of whole spices, let us discuss ways of stacking spices in order to retain their essence and oils.

  • Too much light, natural or artificial, humidity and heat can lessen the aroma and nutritional value of spices. Hence, make sure to store the spices in airtight container away from sunlight in cool and dark place.
  • Properly stored whole spices can last up to many years while enhancing their medicinal value.
  • Try to grind the spices just before use. Lightly roasting spices over low heat help in grinding spices easily.
  • If you have excess whole spice in your pantry, stack them away in freezer in airtight container. However, certain spices get affected when stored for long in fridge.

Saga Of Whole Spices And How To Use Them

Different Ways of Using Whole Spices

Once you have bought your spices, there are many ways to use them, depending upon the type of spice you are using and type of dish you are preparing. Many spices release aroma when dry roasted while some are more flavourful when sautéed in ghee. Let’s look at following ways of using whole spices.

Dry Toast and grind

One of the most popular ways of using whole spices in Indian Kitchens, dry toasting whole spices awakens the oils of spices and your senses. The process requires toasting the spices on hot pan or griddle without oil or any liquid to bring out its intensity. Now, grind the spices in a grinder or use a mortar-pestle for smaller quantities. Cumin seeds, when freshly roasted and grind imparts an intense and earthy flavours to dishes.


Often used in Indian cooking and around the world, the process of infusing spices in Basmati rice, masala chai, soups, stews and milk-based dishes is a best way to extract flavours from the spices. Green fennel seeds when infused whole in chai or cloves in rice dish, enrich the dishes with their beautiful flavours.

Tempered in Oil

Tempering the whole spices or ‘tadka’ is an essential technique in Indian cooking where whole spices such as black mustard, cumin etc are added in hot oil accompanied by ginger, curry leaves, and garlic to get the maximum flavours from the ingredients.


Many whole spices such as black pepper, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg are at their best when crushed and used as whole spice powder. This method of crushing the spice helps release the wonderful spice flavours in the meal. For immediate use, crush the spices using roller pin and enjoy the rustic essence of spices.

Whole spices to keep on hand and grind when needed

Whole spices are a treasure trove of fragrance and flavours. Following is a list of spices that can be used whole or powdered to give your food a delightful twist.

  • Cumin seeds
  • Black Mustard seeds
  • Green Cardamom
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Cloves
  • Coriander Seeds
  • Nutmeg
  • Fennel Seeds

If cooking is your passion, gift yourself a treasure of whole spices packed with goodness of potent flavours. Buy whole spices online in their purest form by Cee Pee and get lost in their magical qualities.



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