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Pasta The Food Of Comfort And Luxury

May 17, 2021

Once in a while, we all love to sit in our favourite spot in our house, prepare a simple comforting meal while binge watching our favourite series. However, the other times pampering our senses with some luxurious meal and candlelight’s, is an enticing experience. Pasta, an Italian staple, is one of the most popular dishes of Italy, which is loved all around the globe. It is one such versatile food, which is deliciously oxymoronic when it comes to offering luxury and comfort to our palate in one sentence.

The delicacy is iconic with its simplicity to its preparation, that often defines it as delicious comfort food and yet it can be as luxurious as a truffle-topped dish. Pasta, with its smooth and silky texture will take you on a delectable Italian ride, every time you take a bite or two into it. Today, I would love to take you all on a joy ride full of simple yet endearing experience of cooking and eating a pasta dish.

Pasta and India

A food that is scrumptious, comforting and beguiling, Pasta is one such timeless dish that is much enjoyed around the world. However, the classic food had a hard time to make a special place in people’s heart in India. Although, we Indians adore our carbohydrates in many forms including roti, puri, rice, breads, paratha, pao, dosa, idli and more, it is only in past few decades that we have developed a distinct palate for the Italian version but with Indian twists.

Where, the authentic flavours sit well on a gourmet menu with adopted taste buds, the India version of pasta serves as comfort food found in cafes and small eateries. Topped with Italian herbs and infused with Indian masalas, the fusion dish is popular among friends and family getting together for a fun evening.

We Indians, instead of preparing chewy and firm texture of pasta or “al dente” as Italians like it, prefer soft texture. We liberally coat our pasta with sauces whereas Italians merely give their pasta a light coat. Therefore, an extra boil of two minutes gives just the right texture to our pasta. Whether authentic or fusion, we have definitely grown the taste buds for the Italian specialty over the years.

Pasta The Food Of Comfort And Luxury

The Shapes of Pasta

What’s more tempting than a spoonful of hot and cheesy pasta or pasta dunked in thick tomato gravy, enticing our senses with its delicious aroma? However, with so many different shapes of pasta, it keeps us confused. It is crucial to select the right shape as the more complicated the shape, the better they retain the sauce. The carbohydrate food is broadly available in five different forms namely: Strands, Ribbons, Tubes, Shapes and Stuffed. We will discuss three types of pasta today, which falls under Tubes and Shapes category.

Penne: A short cylindrical-shaped pasta with angled edges, Penne is one of the most popular Italian pasta shapes loved all across the world. Inspired by a quill, it is named for its pen-like shape. With its large diameter and ridges, it is ideal for retaining sauces on it entire surface. This hollow type of pasta can be prepared al dente with any type of sauce (dairy based or regular tomato sauce), with chunky meat or vegetables. It can be added to salads and be used in baked casserole dishes.

Macaroni: Macaroni or elbow macaroni is once again one of the most common and popular pasta shapes with short length and semi-circular form. The name derives from Italian word “maccheroni” meaning elongated pasta. This pasta type that is hollow from inside and ribbed outer surface, pairs perfectly with any kind of sauce. Use it in baked recipes, salads, soups or stir-fry dishes, it practically standout in every delicacy.

Fussili Pasta: Fussili is a spiral or corkscrew shaped pasta with its name derived from word “fuso” or spindle. This pasta hails from southern Italy and is traditionally formed by rolling fresh spaghetti over a thin rod to create twisted shape. Resembling springs, the grooves of the pasta are good for holding onto sauces. Fussili works well with any sauce and is a perfect addition to soups and baked casseroles. It is an ideal combination with cold pasta salads.

Pasta Nation by Cee Pee offers premium quality pasta made with pure durum wheat semolina. Rich in proteins, dietary fibres and zero trans-fats, you can buy pasta online by Cee Pee for smooth and rich culinary experience.

The Most Comforting Pasta Dishes to Try

With hectic work schedule and forever-ongoing week, prepare a bowl of delicious pasta that is not only pleasing to eyes for a delight for your mind.

  • Creamy Tomato Pasta
  • Creamy Mushroom Pasta
  • Penne with Spinach Sauce

Pasta Dishes with Indian Twist

With your pantry full of Indian spices and a packet of pasta, be creative this season with delicious fusion pasta dish with Indian touch.

  • Spicy Indian Spaghetti
  • Masala Pasta
  • Capsicum Corn Pasta

A wonderful food for your soul on any kind of day, Pasta is synonymous with comfort food that with some exotic twist can be one of a most luxurious dish on your plate. From comforting midweek meal to creative flair on weekends, buy pasta packets online by Cee Pee for a little touch of “amore”.



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