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Health, Nutrition and Culinary Uses of Sendha Namak

September 3, 2021

Salt or table salt is a white crystalline substance used for seasoning and preserving food. A simple addition of salt in food makes it not only taste better but definitely more appetizing while adding to its nutritional value as well. It is able to define the individual flavours of the ingredients of the dish. A sprinkle over your favourite fritters and chips makes it more delicious. Salt is an important flavour and without it any food will be bland. In general, there are three types of salt: Plain salt, black salt and rock salt.

Plain salt is in a white and crystalline form and heavily processed to remove minerals. Also known as table salt, kitchen salt or kosher salt, a small amount of additive helps to prevent its clumping. Black salt or Himalayan Black salt or Indian black salt is dark reddish in colour with a slight pungent smell. It is mined and procured and helps in several health problems.

Rock salt or Sendha namak is simply halite, the mineral form of sodium chloride. They exist in large crystalline forms, and in many different colours including orange, pink, gray, yellow depending upon the kind of impurities present in it. It is the purest form of salt that is raw, unprocessed, and free of any chemical compositions and pollutants.

Nutritional Value of Sendha Namak

Sendha namak is primarily isometric crystals of sodium chloride with bunch of many beneficial minerals such as potassium, iron, zinc, manganese, magnesium etc. A healthy alternative to table salt, it is perfect for consumption and is used across the world in various delicacies of different cuisines. When used in combination of iodized salt, it offers plenty of health benefits.

Health, Nutrition and Culinary Uses of Sendha Namak

Health Benefits

Since rock salt is less processed than table salt, it contains more nutrients and thus offers many benefits to one’s health when included in meals in right quantity. Also known as Sendha lon and Saindhava Lavan in various Indian languages, the salt holds high importance in Ayurveda, a medicinal system originated in India. Offering plenty of beneficial properties, below are six evidence-based benefits of Sendha Namak.

Boost Skin Health: Sendha Namak, according to Ayurveda helps in cleansing, strengthening and rejuvenating skin tissue. It aids in skin hydration and other conditions and reduce roughness and redness of skin significantly.

Improves Digestion: Rock salt is used for many home remedies for several digestion related ailments such as stomach-ache, heartburn, vomiting, bloating, stomach worms and constipation.
Offers Trace Minerals: In comparison to common salt, rock salt or sendha namak offers degrees of other minerals including zinc, iron, cobalt, manganese, copper, and magnesium required for optimal health of human body besides sodium. These mineral as per their degree of presence offers various colours to the salt. However, being present in minuscule level, you should not rely on the salt as a primary source.

Improves Muscle Cramps: The presence of Electrolytes in our body is significant for proper nerve and muscle function. Sendha namak being a source of various electrolytes may help in relieve muscle pains and cramps.

Help Balancing Low Sodium Levels: Too much salt can be harmful and so do low levels of sodium. Linked with poor sleep, seizures, mental problems etc, low sodium can also lead to unsteadiness and attention disorders. Consumption of rock salt , even n small amount with your meals, helps in keeping the levels of sodium in check.

Treat Sore Throats: One of the most common home remedy for sore throat is gargling with salt water. Using rock salt instead of common salt may help treat sore throat while maintaining the oral health. It is also one of the effective ways to prevent upper respiratory infections.

Sendha Namak and Culinary Uses

Sendha namak with all its benefits can be used to replace common salt in any kind of recipe. However, in Indian it is a common to use sendha namak especially during the nine days of fasting period, Navratri. The reason being it is light and easy to digest and helps in balancing the electrolytes in our body. Some of the recipes to include this salt include:

  • It is used in all kind of fasting recipes such as sabudana vadas, sprinkle it over fruit chaat, in fried potato wedges, puris made of buckwheat flour etc.
  • It is a great addition to various chutneys, chaats, raits, pancakes and other savoury Indian snacks.
  • Add it to your beverages such as fresh lime soda, lassi, or even in your curd making it more appetizing.
  • It is perfect to include it in various vegetable dishes (dry or gravy) and daals.

Retaining all its benefits, Cee Pee offers Sendha Namak online procured from the pristine Himalayan range. Providing purity and quality at its best, we ensure the product at best sendha namak price in the market. Packed with abundance of culinary uses and medicinal values, you can now buy Sendha Namak online by Cee Pee at economical sendha salt price at convenience of your home.



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