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This Unique Recipe Will Change the Way you Make Raita

November 7, 2022

We all know and love Raita as a side dish to any Indian cuisine. The food can be from any part of India, pairing your food with this decadent concoction of yoghurt with fruits, boondi, spices, dry fruits and/or vegetables has become a daily tradition. Anytime people have guests over, having Raita on the table is something everyone looks forward to.

A side dish so close to the heart of India can often get repetitive and overlooked because of its overdone style. Finding the best spices online or in stores to experiment with new recipes and unlock a flavour composition that hasn’t been experienced can be a fun but tedious exercise. After all, everyone’s favourite Raita has to win the heart of all those gathered at the dining table.

The Raita Masala at Cee Pee Spices is a great addition to a spice mix, vegetable mix or a boondi mix Raita. Your simple serving of Raita packs a flavorful punch when you use one of the best spices in making Raita. Here is a quick and simple recipe to make Raita but with a twist; we’re sure you’d change the way you make Raita once you try this:


  1. 400g Curd
  2. 1 tsp Cee Pee Raita Masala
  3. 2 tbsp finely chopped green coriander or mint (coriander in the case of vegetables and boondi, mint in the case of fruits)
  4. 1 bowl Boondi or finely chopped mixed vegetables (onion, tomato, cucumber) or pineapple.


  1. Whisk curd in a bowl and add Cee Pee Raita Masala to it. The fine quality of the best Raita spice mix will bring out the deliciousness and a unique flavour.
  2. To this mix, add desired vegetables, fruit or boondi. You can try to be creative and make a combination of fruits and dried fruits with some Raita Masala.
  3. Finally, garnish with green coriander or mint and serve.

Raita can be enjoyed with simple rice and roti to a fancy dinner or Biryani. Enjoy Raita with Raita Masala from Cee Pee Spices and elevate your palette.



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