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4 Masala blends that are a must-have this winter

January 6, 2023

India’s authenticity and range of blended spices have always been magnificent. If there is one ingredient that Indian food wouldn’t be complete without, it would have to be the savoury, fragrant, and spiciness of the masalas. Without a question, masalas play a significant role in Indian food. These blends are a combination of spices which not only makes your dish more flavorful but also reduces the time taken to cook it. Indian dishes are rich in taste and every dish caters to a certain flavour. The correct quantity of every spice is very significant to pull out the desired flavour. It is important, however, to buy spices online or in the store which are truly authentic. Let’s talk about four masala blends that are a must-have this winter.

  1. Kitchen King Masala
    Kitchen King Masala is a traditional and classic blend which provides a mouth-watering taste and aroma. Made up from a combination of 22 spices (dry mango, mustard, black salt, cinnamon and many more) each gathered from the diverse states of India, it gives you a rich taste and adds a smoky flavour to your dish. Kitchen King is known to be the “hero spice” because of being a versatile spice mix. Buying Kitchen King Masala to add to your collection is sufficient if you want your curries to have a zesty flavour.
  2. Garam Masala
    Garam Masala is one of the most famous spice blends of India that has gained popularity in many continents. This decadent blend of warm spices. In the majority of Indian curries, it serves as a common spice blend. It gives the food authenticity and gives it a spicy and enriching flavour. Garam Masala stays a prominent ingredient in all dishes, be it delicious Kadhai Paneer or a juicy spicy marinated chicken. It is the perfect partner in chilly times of cough and cold. Choosing the right spice mix, like the one offered by Cee Pee Spices which has some of the most authentic spices online, is ideal to nail the taste and reap the benefits of this masala.
  3. Rajma Masala
    The delicious and healthy Rajma is a very popular Punjabi Dish. If you are from the Northern region of India, Rajma is a constant treat prepared every week for a delicious dinner. You can save the time-consuming process of sorting and measuring the appropriate amount of spices by using Rajma Masala. With the tanginess of Amchoor (Dry Mango Powder) and a sweet-sour flavour from Anar Dhana, Rajma Masala is an outstanding blend of spices. What accentuates the flavours of the dish is buying Rajma Masala which is made with authentic flavours. Just a little sprinkle of Rajma Masala will take your dish to a whole new level. Choose Rajma Masala for delicious and flavorful gravy with hand-selected and best-quality seasonings.
  4. Chicken Masala
    Butter Chicken, Chicken Masala, Kadhai Chicken or Chicken Tikka, one thing is for sure India loves its chicken dishes with rich spices and flavours in them. When you buy Chicken Masala online or at the store, you add wings to the taste. Quality masalas like the ones by Cee Pee Spices take the taste buds on a joyride. We offer the best Chicken Masala while maintaining its purest flavours and aroma. Flavourful and easy to use, chicken masala powder is a wonderful blend that adds character to any braising pot of chicken.

Winter is the time of warm and comfort-foods in the blanket, and it is with these 4 masalas that you can prepare delicious meals every day. Choose Cee Pee Spices, one of the best spices in India, and relish the delicious flavours that they add to everyday food.



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