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Do’s and Don’ts when Cooking with Garam Masala

November 1, 2022

A classic blend with mild heat, an enticing aroma, and an array of delectable flavours, Garam Masala is a delightful array of 15 assorted spices gathered from across the length and breadth of India. And, while it’s a versatile spice that can add a punch of flavor to any dish because it’s a blend of flavors, one must be careful not to use too little or too much, when to use it, and how long to cook it. So when you are making your food using the best Garam masala, you should keep these “Do’s and “don’ts” in mind:

Don’t: Put too much

While Garam masala is the best option to add in order to bring out the flavour of your dish, adding too much of it can actually do more bad than good. The garam masala, as the name implies, is HOT in essence and nature. Too much of it can increase your body temperature and cause discomfort in your digestion, among other things. Always check the ingredients and the quantity of Garam masala online for any dish you make.

Do: Put it in after you’ve added everything else

When you add the best Garam masala at the wrong time of cooking, it can have an adverse effect on the taste and on your body too. The right time to add Garam masala to your dish, unless mentioned otherwise, would be close to the end when all elements of your masala are in the pan and you’re going to add the protein or the final carbohydrate. For instance, if you are making Kadhai Paneer, the ideal time to add Garam masala would be 2-3 minutes before you add the paneer, as the masala incorporates into the food really fast.

Do: Check the ingredients of the Garam Masala

This stage comes even before you cook. Many brands that you have the option to buy Garam masala from may not have all the ingredients needed in a traditional spice blend. The true flavor of the best garam masala comes from naturally grown and meticulously sourced spices that come from brands like Cee Pee Spices.

Don’t Stock it unless you’ve Bought it

It’s one thing if you buy Garam Masala, for it comes with a longer shelf life, but when it comes to making it, you have to be careful as to how soon you use it. People prefer to buy Garam masala when they shop because they know that not only will it stay on their shelves longer, but also they wouldn’t have to go through the hassle over and over. It is important, however, to buy the best Garam masala in the market, like Cee Pee Spices, a brand trusted across pan India; that way, you can make sure your spice mix brings out the flavors in your dish every time you cook.

Garam Masala is an excellent spice mix to cook with. It brings out the flavors, heat, and taste of any meal you add to. But while it is a great addition to your palette, you should keep these Do’s and Don’ts in mind when you buy Garam masala online to cook with. When you buy it from brands like Cee Pee spices, you not only have the option of buying Garam masala online but be assured of taste-packed food every time.



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