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Dal Tadka Masala – A Soul Food that Reminds of Home

July 30, 2021

Dal or lentils have always been an indispensible part of Indian thali since time immemorial, irrespective of any cuisine. Although, it differs from region to region and varies according to culture but it is always present as a big warm hug on a plate. It forms an essential part of Indian’s daily diet, especially for vegetarians.

One such lentil dish that is synonymous with adjectives such as warm, humble and nostalgic, the mention of Dal Tadka immediately forms a heart-warming image of home in our minds. Dal Tadka or popularly known as Yellow Dal, shares a strong sentiment with India. Although, we prepare dal everyday at home, yet we still yearn to have a restaurant style Dal Tadka with Jeera Rice when we go out. Let us find out narrative of this dish in terms of flavours and history and the way it has been able to capture our taste buds.

The Regional Variations and History

We Indians love our dals and cherish it in our everyday meals. Each state has its own selection of dal prepared in different ways. Some common lentils like masoor, chana, moong, and tur dal are used almost everywhere across India, but what differs is combination of spices. While each type has its own earthy flavour and creaminess, yet every version of this mellow dish is deeply comforting.

Lentils have a long history in India, yielding its roots back to Indus Valley Civilization where, according to the Archaeological evidence, it made its first appearance. Lentils of all kinds were a staple back then. There are mentions of recipes in ancient texts describing dal as celebratory meals served to guests. With its delicious flavours and essence, the vegetarian dish made its way in Mughal kitchen, a place predominant by non-vegetarian food. Such is the humbleness of dal.

Dal Tadka Masala – A Soul Food that Reminds of Home

The Process of Tempering

Each type of lentil has its own basic flavour and texture but what uplifts its essence and imparts an irresistible aroma is the introduction of spices. However, there is way of adding spices to this dish; the process is called tempering. The process has many expressions in India that helps spices release their oils – tadka is for Punjabis, phodni for Maharashtrians, while Hyderabadis call it baghar. The method involves adding certain combination of spices in heated ghee or oil that releases a distinctly tempting flavour and aroma into this rich dish.

Here is a Dal Tadka recipe, which will bring those same restaurant style & dhaba style flavours at home.

  • Pressure cook the dal with turmeric powder and salt to taste. Add three cups of water for three whistles until done.
  • For tempering the dal, heat ghee in a pan and sauté garlic until light golden.
  • Add chopped onion and as they turn golden brown, put chopped tomatoes.
  • To accentuate the taste of the dal, add Dal Tadka Masala Powder by Cee Pee.
  • Enjoy the splendid aroma.
  • Tempering is complete. Add the tempered mixture to the boiled dal.
  • Mix well.
  • Add 1 cup of water and let it simmer for few minutes for the flavours to infuse thoroughly.
  • A bowl of delectable dal tadka is ready.

Combine it with steamed rice for a wholesome meal. It easily serves as an all time favourite dish, which is easy to make, and appetizing to the taste buds with added health benefits.

Dal Tadka and the Secret Spices

India has strong bond with spices since the time bygone. From medicinal use, and health benefits to infusing flavours to food, spices have always played a significant role. Apart from imparting a flavourful punch and health benefits to a dish, it also infuses warmth. However, it is not just about adding any spice but a right combination of spices in perfect ratio is important. Many who try replicating their favourite recipes of dal tadka at home get flustered to bring the right flavours. Some of the common spices used in the blend include-

  • Mace
  • Clove
  • Dry Ginger Powder
  • Cumin
  • Chilli
  • Asafoetida
  • Coriander
  • Black Pepper
  • Black Cardamom
  • Dry Mango Powder
  • Kasuri Methi

With Cee Pee Dal Tadka Masala Powder, you can enjoy the perfect flavours of the dish at your home. Apart from using the ideal proportion of freshly procured spices, the blend offered by Cee Pee is grind to perfect consistency. To celebrate your favourite dish at home with friends and family, you can buy Dal Tadka Masala online at various platforms.



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