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Why do we eat Sendha Namak in fasting

September 28, 2022

You must be familiar with the tradition of using Sendha Namak over table salt when observing a fast, especially during festivities like Navratri. And it is a practice passed down many generations, which now has been adopted by many brands in marketing their products with rock salt during festive seasons. But why do people buy Sendha Namak instead of table salt, ever pondered the reasons behind these actions to choose Sendha Namak over table salt?

Sendha Namak = Navratri Must Have

Those who are fasting during celebratory and auspicious days like Navratri choose Sendha Namak. Throughout this period of nine days of Navratri, people who are fasting only consume Sendha Namak in their meals because the salt is the purest in this form, since it is raw, unprocessed, and free of chemicals and other impurities. Purity and piety are the reasons why people rush to buy Sendha Namak online during Navratri.

For people with great taste and good health

Sendha Namak typically enjoys a surge in popularity during festive season as fewer people use conventional table salt and instead opt for Sendha Namak, but rock salt is now being adopted in regular diets too! It is a fantastic way to add flavor to your food while keeping it pure and nutritious, as fasting encourages the ingestion of food items that are easy on the digestive system and assist the body detox.

Don’t miss out on Nutrients while Fasting!

Apart from this why is it recommended to use the best Sendha Namak fasting rather than table salt? Sendha Namak has high potassium and low sodium content and aid in the body’s optimal electrolyte balance, giving it the necessary strength to stay healthy throughout fasts. These electrolytes help the body to maintain necessary fluid levels inside and outside the cells of your body. It also helps in maintaining pH levels and also increases the metabolism of the body. When you are on a fast you eat less and have very limited options for meals, Here Sendha Namak helps keeps your body hydrated and provides energy to your body. Don’t compromise in terms of quality when you buy Sendha Namak.

Cools your Body

Sendha Namak has cooling properties as compared to the other salts that are potentially hot it cools your body from within. The low-sodium and high-potassium therefore helps keep a balance of electrolytes in the body without affecting the blood pressure levels. Moreover, the usual consumption of Singhaada (Water Chestnut) ka Aata and Kuttu (Buckwheat) ka Aata are potentially very warm, which are cancelled by the cooling effect of Sendha Namak. It contains many other minerals including iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper. It leads to better blood circulation in the body and maintains the equilibrium of minerals for better functioning.

In conclusion

Sometimes we eat far more than we truly require. To remove this extra food from our systems, a significant portion of the energy produced is used. The purpose of a fast is to consume fewer calories and store energy for use in our spiritual pursuits. This is how Indian culture views fasting in its entirety. Sendha Namak is loaded with minerals that help for better functioning of the body. You can look for a good quality Sendha Namak online. The focus should be to buy the best Sendha Namak so that you get the best results.



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