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Say Goodbye to the Boring Bland Roti’s with the new Roti Masala

August 3, 2022

Rotis are an important part of daily food consumption in India. The kneaded dough rolled out and heated on a pan gives a nice fluffy roti that complements every Indian food item well. Almost every household breaks bread with Roti for at least one meal a day. A round roti has its own sweet charm. Even though there isn’t a significant contribution to the flavour palette, Rotis are a great medium to combine and consume an average Indian meal. And while it may take many forms, be it paranthas or naan bread, the love for roti is forever.

However, with the daily consumption of the same style of Roti over and over, Roti often gets looked over for it really Are you tired of the same old boring Rotis? Having the same style of Roti over and over can become mundane, especially with so many options to order or to cook available.

Here’s where the Roti Masala by Cee Pee Spices adds flavour to the Roti. With a taste that adds deliciousness to the table, these Rotis are flavour packed with masalas and pack a spicy punch. Since it is so easy to make and has a unique flavour of its own, it usually doesn’t need anything to be paired with, unless you’d like to use pickle and raita.

Using Roti Masala in your Daily Rotis

  1. When you begin to prepare the flour, combine Cee Pee Roti Masala with it and mix it well. Add water to knead the dough well.
  2. Once it forms a mass, add oil and knead for 3-4 minutes. You will notice that the dough is getting softer as you knead. After 4 minutes, you may keep the dough aside for 7-10 minutes.
  3. Divide the dough set aside into equal-sized balls and slightly flatten them. It is recommended that one uses dust flour and rolls them into a thin round-shaped Rotis.
  4. On a preheated pan, place the flattened dough. As the little brown impressions start to come on the dough, you know it is time to flip it.
  5. Serve hot with pickle, raita or any vegetable.
  6. If one is in a hurry, they can add the Cee Pee Roti Masala on top of the flattened dough, however, the true flavour comes when the spices have properly been mixed with the dough. The dough does not require any additional salt or flavour.

    When you buy Roti Masala online or in-store, choose a name many people trust, like Cee Pee Spices, who have carefully curated this Roti Spice masala blend that adds spice to our regular everyday meals.



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