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Meat Masala


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Meat Masala Powder and Mutton Masala Powder is a combination of various Indian spices blend together to provide gastronomic pleasures at the convenience of your home. A well-prepared meat dish is always a highlight of any dinner or get together, be it a gravy dish or a dry delicacy. However, what makes the meat dish special is its unique balance of spices perfectly absorbed in its every element. In a perfect spice blend, essence of every spice combines to bring out a harmony of unison in a dish.

Cee Pee Meat Masala Packet and Mutton masala packet offers that celebration of flavours on your palate providing a delectable fusion of spices that result in best meat masala powder. Our spice mix brings the freshest spices from the farms direct to your dining tables at genuine meat masala price and mutton masala price. Either use it to marinate your protein in dry form or paste form or to enhance the essence of gravy as a mutton curry masala powder, our finest quality spice blend is definitely one of a best mutton masala powder. Prepare your favourite list of food with our special spice mix including lamb curry, mutton keema, mutton curry and the list goes on.

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8 reviews for Meat Masala

  1. Rajni

    Meat masala powder by Ceepee is just another level with beautiful flavour of spices. I have been looking for a good product but I found the best Meat Masala Powder.

  2. Naina

    Meat masala packet I received was in good condition. As far as flavours are concerned, it added strength to my mutton dish. I would say best Mutton Masala Powder I have tastes so far.

  3. Tansi

    Flavour of the spice mix is up to the mark and authentic in taste. Also the Meat Masala Price is a good deal, especially with good packing. I also used this spice as Mutton Curry Masala Powder and it worked really well.

  4. Anita

    It used it as a mutton curry masala powder. I must say the balance of flavours is perfect and everyone was licking their fingers. Highly recommended!

  5. Esha

    Superb product. I add it often to my pulses, it gives a twist to vegetarian dishes. From packing to fragrance is perfect including Mutton Masala Price.

  6. Deepika

    This is a best mutton masala powder with great flavours. Delivery was also timely.

  7. Madhu

    Delicious Mutton masala powder ever I have tasted. Great flavours and aroma at even best meat masala price.

  8. Alisha

    It was a neatly packed mutton masala packet. Taste wise it was overall a good product. I found this mutton masala price very reasonable. It is a must buy.

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Nutritional Information Per 100g
EnergyProteinCarbohydratesFatCalories from fat
408.12 kcal13.70 g53.41 g15.52 g139.68 kcal

Har Dish Ki Wish

No Artificial Colors
Aroma Intact
All Natural Ingredients
Essential Oils Intact

Preparing meat dish can be quite tricky especially when it comes to balancing the spices. Here right ratio is the key. Give you meat a special preparation with Ceepee’s Meat Masala Powder. An ideal choice for making delicious and hearty meat recipes, the ratio of our Meat masala has been laboriously perfected to warms the heart and satiates the soul. An exotic blend of over 23 handpicked aromatic spices, the blend can be used to prepare every Indian meat from red meat to lamb. Spiced up to just right amount, as Indians love it, Meat Masala Powder by Ceepee is also available online.



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